Pathological Monocular Microscope BLS-111

Pathological Monocular Microscope WITH ISI Marked IS: 4381(FINE VISION SERIES)

Newly introduced designed for medical colleges, professionals and laboratory use with full features of the advanced research and pathological microscope.

Technical specification

Model BLS-111
STANDARD MAIN FRAME Robust ,Heavy  rugged, stable sturdy stand, ergonomic design body very much easy & convenient in working made of aluminum die cast with anti rust material with white textured finish, antifungal PU paint.
Observation Head/ Nose piece Monocular observation tube inclined at 45° and Rotatable in 360° with perfectly centered dust proof quadruple revolving nose piece.


Objectives DIN (long barrel) Achromatic colored corrected, Anti-fungal, Anti-bacterial multi-layered hard coated Para focal & Presenter 4 x, 10x, 40x SL and 100x SL Oil immersion objectives in unbreakable container.
Eye pieces High Quality, good contrast, presenter Extra wide field 10x. Huygenian 5x or 15x (Anyone).
Focusing Separate Coarse & highly sensitive fine movement mechanical graduated to0.02mm. With locking device.
Stage Horizontal low drive coaxial mechanical stage in extra large size (130mmx145mm) for X & Y movement 80-50mm on stainless steel balls of slides with ne venire graduations reading 0.1mm.
Condenser Bright field condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25 & iris diaphragm with built in swing out filter holder with up-down movement through rack & pinion.
 Illumination To support the robust arm Heavy rectangular sturdy base in built power supply with built in 3.3W 3V LED COOLED BRIGHT Illumination (BULB LIFE MORE THAN 15000 HOURS) or 6V-20W Halogen Lamp and

On/off switch, continuously variable light intensity controlled regulator & quick change bulb provision & Plano Concave Mirror attachment suitable for 220V, 50 Hz, AC supply.

Packing Supplied with duster, cover Power cord & instruction manual.

A) Complete in THERMOCOL BOX.             B) Complete in THERMOCOL & PLYWOOD cabinet.

Delivery Time Within a weak.


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