Microscope GENIUS -MD

Student Medical Microscope for Educational Purpose ISI Mark IS: 4381(GENIUS SERIES)

Technical specification

Body/Stand Newly designed Microscope is a metal-bodied biological microscope for schools, colleges & educational institutes heavy, Rugged Sturdy & well balanced monocular aluminum body (Pressure die casted) of anti rust, anti moisture, anti fungus material with Monocular inclined tube rotatable to 360° for comfortable and convenient microscopy.
Nose piece Dust proof triple revolving nose piece with positive click stop.
Objectives Para focaled & presenter ACHROMATIC: 10x,40x/ 45x (SL),100x (OIL)
Eye pieces 10x (W.F), 15x or 5x (HUY) Any one
Focusing Highly sensitive COAXIEL coarse and Graduated fine movement knobs.
Stage Fixed square stage 120mmx120mm with Mechanical stage for X-Y movement of slides 50X75mm, fully graduated venire scale.
Condenser Bright field condenser Abbe N.A. 1.25 & iris diaphragm with built in swing out filter holder.
Illumination Illumination through LED cooled bright LAMP with BATTERY BACKUP can be used in or out of LAB.
Packing Supplied with duster, cover & instruction manual.

A) Complete in THERMOCOL BOX. B) Complete in THERMOCOL & PLYWOOD cabinet.

Delivery Time Within a weak.
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